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8coin Privacy Policy

8coin is committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy describes to you when and how 8coin collects uses and discloses your information as a user of our Service. When using our Service, you consent to the collection, transfer, manipulation, storage, disclosure and other uses of your information as described in this Privacy Policy.

Contacting us about this policy

If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, contact us at

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Personally identifiable information

When you sign up to 8coin , the site collects and uses specific information in order to provide you with our Service, as follows:

  • Information collected upon registration
    When you sign up on 8coin , you provide non-personally identifiable information such as your username, email address, and password. By default, the username you choose is publicly shown on 8coin , including on your profile page and in search results. Please also ensure that the full name you’ve provided reflects the same as per your Identification Card (IC).
  • Demographic information
    Personally identifiable information may include your date of birth, gender, race and city. This is found in your account preferences, and is used for two things :
    • the system to show you age-appropriate and demographically relevant Specials,
    • Cash Out request.
  • Other optional information
    You may choose to enter your biography and your profile image on your public profile page. Entering your phone number is optional, should you require us to contact you over your mobile regarding support requests, account suspension, cashing out, or collecting of prizes won.
  • Profile page
    The types of information mentioned above which go into the profile page can be removed / changed anytime by editing your Account Preferences page. Remember, your profile page information is PUBLIC, this means businesses, third parties, and search engines may crawl it, cache it, and view it. Enter only information you intend to share with the world.
  • Inviting friends
    You may choose to invite your friends by an invite email that is automatically sent from us to your friends when you provide us with their email addresses. We do not store any of these email addresses in our system. If your friends choose to join the Program as a result of your invite, they will have to manually input the information on their own.
  • Cashing out
    Upon request to cash out your earnings, 8coin will collect information for the system to transfer your earnings into cash, which is directly transferred to the bank account that you have specified. This information is deemed confidential by 8coin and will never be made public, this information includes Bank Account Holder’s Name, Bank Account Holder’s Identification Number (IC), Bank Name to which your earnings will be transferred to, and bank account number. A phone number is needed to contact you or the bank account holder should the need arise to quickly resolve issues related to the transfer process. This cash out information is then transferred to the bank of your choice for the bank to verify and deposit the cash we’re transferring to. Cash out users are only allowed to cash out using their own bank account. Users are not allowed to cash out for their spouse / family members / friends using other bank accounts.

Non personally identifiable information

  • Demographic aggregates
    Demographic aggregates may be shared with advertising partners to give an idea of the 8coin audience.
  • Log Data and Unique Visit Metrics
    Our servers record information when you use the Program (“Log Data”). Log Data information includes your IP address, browser type, operating system, the referring web page, pages visited, location, and cookie information. We receive Log Data when you interact with our services, such as when you sign in to the website, interact with our email notifications, or visit the website via a 8coin widget on a third-party website. Log Data and unique visit metrics are used by our quality algorithms to prevent generation of 'fake traffic', and ensures sharing activity that honours our Terms of Use are rightfully rewarded.

    This information is not and never will be linked back to you in any way that makes it possible to identify you.


We use cookies on the website to

  • provide a faster and safer experience for our users,
  • ensure authenticity of unique visits used to calculate your earnings.

Usage of our cookies falls into the following categories:

  • Authentication
    These cookies tell the system when you're logged in to the site, so we can show you the content available to you as a signed in user.
  • Preference
    These cookies store your preferences about our site, for you to have a meaningful, personalised experience as a 8coin user, including relevant news content and Specials. You may also choose to have your username and password remembered when signing in for a faster sign in process.
  • Performance
    These cookies store information that allow certain features on our site to work faster on your browser, such as allowing pages you have seen to be loaded faster.
  • Analytics
    These cookies provide analytics on how you use our site so we can provide a better user experience for you. Measuring this data will help us to continuously improve our service to you.
  • Security
    These cookies help us to keep our community clean and fair for all users, to prevent fake traffic from being generated and rewarded, to encourage fair use of our services, and to apportion rewards and earnings accurately to users who do not violate ourTerms of Use

Third-party cookies

  • Google Analytics
    This third-party service is used to help us track the usage metrics of our site. Cookies from Google Analytics may be stored in your browser.
    Their privacy policy is available here:
  • Intercom
    This third-party service is used to provide you with real-time customer support. For example, the "Talk to Us" button at the corner of your site is powered by Intercom. Cookies from Intercom may be stored on your browser.
    Their privacy policy is available here:
  • New Relic
    This third-party service is used to help us monitor server and application performance. Cookies from New Relic may be stored in your browser to track information such as how long it takes to load a page.
    Their privacy policy is available here:
  • Typekit by Adobe
    This third-party service is used to help us render beautiful fonts for you. Cookies from Typekit may be stored in your browser.
    Their privacy policy is available here:
  • Cookies from external sites
    By using 8coin to view news remixes or Specials, you may choose to load, or follow links to external websites. Those websites may also store cookies in your browser.

8coin will never share any personally identifiable information with these third party service providers.

Use and disclosure of the information we receive

All uses of the personal information stated is used only for these reasons:

  • To build a social environment for you to get to know other users
  • To present demographic aggregates to advertisers whose Specials are running on our Program
  • To reach you for customer support and resolve issues
  • To send you informational material related to our Services
  • To apportion rewards and earnings accurately to users who do not violate our Terms of Use
  • To cash out money to users upon user requests
  • To prevent fraud and to address security issues
  • To show relevant customised news content and Specials
  • To increase site performance and speed
  • To test, research and analyse data for service improvement
  • To enforce compliance with our Terms of Use and applicable laws

Changes to this policy

We may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. If we make a change to this policy that, in sole discretion, is material, we will notify you via email notification. By continuing to access or use the Services after those changes become effective, you agree to be bound by the revised Privacy Policy.